All health care workers are required to have Hepatitis B vaccine, which is also a good idea for those planning to handle surgical instruments. Travelers also should consider Hepatitis A vaccine.
Here is a quote from Roger Phelps, M.D., an Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine specialist in Oakland.
“Resources abound for advice to travelers regarding protection of their health while abroad. Probably the best single one-stop place for travelers to inform themselves---and a resource commonly used by travelers' personal physicians and by travel-clinics---is on-line via the CDC. Information there is abundant, readily searchable, and easily accessible. The website's on-line address is: For protection of your health and that of your loved ones before and during travel abroad, please use this valuable resource and consult your personal physician."

Nuevo Progreso is at an altitude just above 2000 feet, therefore NOT an area endemic for malaria.