Mission Statement

The mission of the Foundation is to  improve the health of the poor indigenous people of the mountains of Northern Guatemala and Southern Mexico, who have no other affordable medical resources. We do this by supporting:

  1. A year-round private non-denominational medical center with Guatemalan doctors, nurses, and dentists.
  2. Modern fully-equipped, operating rooms for visiting  surgeons to perform procedures in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Ob/Gyn, E.N.T., general surgery, and ophthalmology.
  3. Transportation for volunteer surgeons, nurses, technicians, and interpreters from the United States and Canada.
  4. Room and board for the visiting medical professionals.
  5. A center for rehabilitating children with parasitic diseases and malnutrition, and for teaching parents in improved food preparation and nutrition.
  6. Instruction for Guatemalan doctors.
  7. A Nursing school for training  public health and hospital nurses.
  8. A Sewing school for girls and women of the Community
  9. A Grade 1-8  school which provides free educaion, books and uniforms as well as a nutricious mid-day meal.
  10. A sanitary drinking water system for the hospital and some of the surrounding communities.