Hospital de la Familia

What started 40 years ago as a small dispensing pharmacy is today a year-round medical facility offering general medical, surgery, pediatric, obstetrical and dental services. The hospital consists of wards that can accommodate up to 72 patients. During the past several years the hospital has maintained a staff of over 60 full-time employees, including 4 doctors, 12 nurses, and 3 or 4 nurse/nun instructors and a contingent of Guatemalan medical and dental students. The hospital treated over 13,000 patients last year. In addition, surgery is provided by volunteer U.S. surgical teams 4-6 times per year for 1-2-week stays.  There are optometry and ophthalmological surgery teams that also provide care. These teams provide care to over 1500 patients annually. Other programs include a Nutrition Center, which offers nutrition therapy to infants and toddlers, a Dental Clinic, Nurse Training Classes, Sewing Classes for women and girls, as well as a 1-6 grade school with an enrollment of about 150 children.

Informacion del Hospital de la Familia en Nuevo Progreso

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El calendario indica las fechas y las especialidades durante las jornadas médicas en el Hospital de la Familia. Comuníquese directamente al Hospital para hacer una cita y para más información::

5ta avenida (entre 5ta y 6ta calle)
Nuevo Progreso, Departamento de San Marcos
Guatemala, Centroamerica

Medical Services

The hospital operates year-round and offers many medical services for its patients.

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